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By Teaching Our Children About Everyday Dangers with The Do's & Don'ts 

Road Fatalities, Drowning, Abduction and Other Needless Tragedies Can be Avoided

Learning The Do's & Don'ts Will Save A Child From Serious Injury or Death


The Do's & Don'ts are provided to all denomination schools Free of Charge




Feedback from school Principals over the years


From the Principal’s Pen


Our Boys and Girls - Do’s and Don’ts


Each year the Child Safety Campaign of Australia publishes a safety pamphlet to remind us of the importance of Child Safety.

The accident rate, despite improving over the last few years, still remains high with hundreds of girls and boys hospitalised each year as a result of accidents.


Sadly as my own children were growing up I learnt firsthand the sadness and tragedy that can accompany a childhood accident. The pressure it places on you as a parent and the extended family cannot be underestimated. This pressure is enough reason to keep safety in our focus as teachers and parents with teaching girls and boys to be safe as a major tool to prevent accidents.


The leaflet sent home today with your newsletter is worth talking through with your children and perhaps pride of place on the refrigerator or notice board for a short period will be enough to prompt a serious reminder.


Road safety remains a serious priority, as does keeping safety with strangers. Using the internet now poses its own specific challenges, however all of the 12 points as mentioned, deserve our consideration.


I was impressed by this quote from Bill Glasson, a one time Minister of Lands and Forestry. I know Bill and flew with him as a young teacher in the west of Queensland. His is son is the well know Dr Bill Glasson now famous Ophthalmologist.


Bill said,

“Our children are the most precious things in the world and amongst the most vulnerable. Our whole community is alarmed at the frequency of drowning, poising, electrocution and abduction. I welcome this initiative by the Child Safety Campaign of Australia as a constructive contribution to keeping our children alive. Parents please encourage your children to read study and understand the daily messages of this valuable pamphlet.”


Things have improved since Bill issued this statement but its directness is a serious reminder as to the importance of child safety.


Let’s keep 2011 as safe as possible as we all journey together through another busy year.


Gary Ivory

Surfers Paradise State School
42 St Andrews Avenue, Isle of Capri, Australia 4217

Phone 5582 0333 : Fax  5582 0300 


''To all interested in the welfare of children , this campaign is obviously full of merit. I feel the organizers and workers are to be congratulated and encouraged in their endeavour and success is surely one which the idea so richly deserves''.

Brian Sterling

Principal,Toowong State School. 1983

''The Child Safety Program was publicised last week in our Newsletter to Parents with the recommendation that the Parents read these Important messages to their kids; the safety brochures are being distributed in this weeks Newsletter to the Parents''.

Gary Adams, Principal

Bass Valley Primary 2008

"We have a moral responsibility to protect and educate all school children on the potential dangers that may befall them. I have asked our teachers to make sure we include the Do's and Don'ts As part of our schools curriculum. We will be following up with a class discussion after the parents have received the pamphlets. I commend you on a wonderful and most worthwhile initiative''.

John Kelly Principal

Deepdene State School. 1971


''The teachers found the brochure easy to use in its present format. Parents commented that it was user friendly and easy to be able to use as a discussion point with their children.
The brochure contained excellent relevant information. It was a good stimulus to classroom discussions It is a good reference document, especially prior to school holiday periods''.
The brochure provided good talking points for families and the school to both interact about the same issues."

Sue Becker, Principal

Cowes Primary Sept 2008


''We received the Do's & Don'ts Child Safety Brochures at our school as promised on the 8/12/09

The brochures were distributed to our students with instructions to take them home for their Parents to read to them

A class lesson was given prior to the brochures being given out''.

Yvonne Clearly Principal 2009

Strathmerton Primary School 



Feedback from others interested in child well being


''As discussed, I think the material is definitely worthwhile and it is very pleasing to see the information laid out in an easy to read format. All the best keep up the good work."

Cynthia Kym.

Head of The Children's And Families Unit at The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

(Also a Mum of a 6 year old too) June 2008


"Thank you for the opportunity of having space in the brochure to inform parents of our service. Love the way you have used our information as a border. Parentline supports your endeavours and wishes you well. Thanks!"

Bob Tammik, Parentline DEECD Department of Education & Early Childhood Development, December 2008




Everyday in Australia 5000 kids are involved in accidents
Of these 170 will be admitted to hospital. *62,000 p.a.

*Source ABS & AIHW 


Road traffic accidents & drowning are the greatest cause of childhood fatality in Australia


Sadly One Child Will Die Today


Each year over 200 children are killed or seriously injured on Australian roads while travelling between home and school.
Most are hit by a motor vehicle while walking or riding to school or riding a bicycle.

The problem is that young children are not naturally well-equipped to handle the traffic environment:

• they have under-developed peripheral vision

•they lack the ability to accurately judge the speed and distance of moving vehicles

•they are very easily distracted

•their small stature can make it harder to see,and to be seen by, approaching traffic.

Learning the Do's & Don'ts will help keep your child safe





Road traffic (including driveway) accidents & drowning are the greatest cause of childhood fatality in Australia



What you can do to prevent a tragedy in your driveway:


• Always supervise your children whenever a vehicle

is to be moved – hold their hands or hold them close

to keep them safe.

• If you are the only adult at home and need to move a

vehicle, even only a small distance, place children

securely in the vehicle with you while you move it.

• A driveway is actually a small road – discourage

children from using it as a play area.

• Make access to the driveway from the house difficult

for a child, possibly using security doors, fencing or


• If you are about to drive a vehicle, approach it from

the direction in which it will be driven.


The facts about risk in your driveway



Young children often do the unexpected. They

require constant supervision to keep them safe.

• More than one-third of pedestrians aged under six

years killed in motor vehicle crashes were killed ‘off

road’ in yards, carparks and driveways.

• Children aged under three years are the most likely

to be killed or injured in home driveways, often by a

reversing vehicle driven by a parent, relative or


• Many of the young children who are not killed sustain

severe and permanent injuries.

• Even when drivers use mirrors while reversing,


visibility behind the car is limited.


Child safety education is about learning and Mums and Dads are the best teachers


Since our Schools & Home program began in 1965 the childhood fatality rate has almost fallen by 50%*

This is a direct result of educating children.

* Along with the CSCA like minded organisations like Kidsafe and other government and NGO have helped make this possible.





The Do's & Don't's are a free vital tool to learn at home about stranger danger, kerb drills and playing safe  




The Do's & Don'ts not only cover road safety but also Stranger Danger



Other important messages include not leaving medications or poisons within reach of children




Get involved and Reach Tens Of Thousands of Mums & Dads at Home Promoting Your Service Via Primary Schools & Kindergartens.

 On teachers instructions the brochures are taken home.

Brochures and information are also provided in the schools e -newsletters
The Do's & Don'ts of Child Safety Delivered from Schools to Homes and are available in community centres and libraries.



Sponsors, Schools & Supporters big and small all agree kids are our future and need to be safety conscious.

Read what they have to say here



Our Mission is to be of service to those who need us the most - Our Children
Our Motto is - '' An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure '



There Are 12 different Do's & Don'ts on each brochure  Every Message has the Sponsors Business name underneath presenting it.

Parents are aware of your involvement as an organisation who cares about their kids and valuable PR and goodwill is gained as a result.




If you like you can Sponsor the Entire Brochure and receive 12 Messages inside and the whole Back Cover.

No huge marketing fees just the cost to print and distribute and an admin fee to cover our costs only.

In other words effective low priced coverage while doing something great for the families and kids in your community.

We call it a Win/Win.



''Hi Folks We have A News Flash!''    

''Introducing Our New Companion Brochure to the Famous Primary School Do's & Don'ts''

Now Available in the pigeon holes at your local Pre School, Child Care Centres & Kindergartens


 Parents need to be aware as most accidents occur on their watch


Our New Pre School Parents Child Safety A5 Colour Brochures
Featuring 12 NEW Additional Do's & Don'ts for Parents of 2 to 4 year olds 

Underneath each message a sponsors name will be provided so parents will be made aware your business cares about their kids.


We Have Also Updated Our Long Established Primary School Do's & Don'ts in Full Colour

Sponsors can Now have Their Brochures in Their Own Corporate Colours if desired.




Majors Sponsors receive Naming Rights on the Front of the brochures plus all 24 Messages to Present and the Entire Back Cover
to promote your Family friendly products and services.


 Specific child safety approved products will receive a 20% discount


Kids can also have fun by colouring in the graphics too! 


Sponsors can request a variety of Ad sizes which correspond to presenting multiple daily messages inside the brochures

65% of retail shoppers are young mums with kids- 100% targeted direct marketing with valuable PR and goodwill for your business


100% targeted to first home buyers



Ideal for small business - low cost public relations while doing something great.

We can design Artwork that stands out and offer you exclusive rights for your business ( no competition )

Only a Small affordable investment to cover printing and distribution- cheaper than local paper and all other local forms of adverising plus no competition!

As a presenter of a daily safety message

Your local business will receive recognition and reach thousands of local parents ( potential new customers ) in your business catchment area

Local Sponsors help us to provide these Brochures with vital daily safety messages FREE to Schools and Parents near you!
Mums wont hesitate to get involved - they know how essential teaching their children about stranger danger and road safety are


PR Good will and Exclusive Rights for a small fee to help cover printing and distribution 

The Children receive a lesson in class before the Do's & Don't are taken home


Grandparents enjoy getting involved too!

 Ken Smith former Speaker at Victorian Parliament reads the Do's & Don'ts to local primary school children




A Win /Win....
By Helping us Educate Kids and Parents at Home You Get to Promote Your Family Friendly Service to them as a sponsor of a vital child safety message.


Bike and Road safety are super important for the little ones to learn.

The primary purpose of the Child Safety Campaigns Do's & Don'ts  schools program since its inception in 1965 is the prevention of accidental injury and death of children in the age groups of 2-12 years.

How It Works

The safety lessons begin at school in the classroom.

The children are then instructed by the Teacher to take the Do's & Don'ts directly home for Mum and Dad to read to them as most times there is a follow up at school. 


These accident prevention and lifesaving daily messages are then repeated at home.
The Important Awful Truth Insert urges Parents to participate in the programs

The Insert Titled The Awful Truth
The data in this hard hitting brochure insert was obtained from The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare ( AIHW ) Children's Unit.
It contains statistics on the nature of injuries and fatalities of children aged 0-12. 
Feedback from Principals and Teachers showed this statistical information is often used for classroom discussion with the older students in grades 5 & 6

Local Press and School Newsletters
We provide information for the school newsletters and also the local papers.

Local Newspapers are keen to support and help create great awareness of the programs.






See our News section link for a recent school newsletter


Sponsors Feedback

''After they had been given a lesson in class, my kids brought the Do's and Don'ts home from school.
 We read them not only because we were requested to in the school newsletter, but because we wanted to as we believe child safety awareness begins at home!
 I was also a sponsor so it was good to know that my business name was seen locally as a presenter of one of these important safety messages''

Trevor Pavert - Bridgestone Service Centre


Politicial Feedback

''Children are our future, anything to do with child safety awareness and accident prevention in my electorate I will not hesitate to support. As a parent and a grandparent I know how vulnerable kids are.
I am proud to sponsor the Do's and Don'ts brochures each year I am in office. Keep up the great work''.

Hon Ken Smith MLA Member for Bass 2002 -2014
Speaker of the House of Legislature 2010- 2014

Phone: 5672 4755  

Franchisee Feedback

From the Managing Director of 6 Mitre10 Stores

''Each week we get heaps of requests for us to advertise from different magazines, sports clubs to even on beer coasters in pubs
 We decided to go with you because we liked the fact that your schools safety programs are community minded  for local kids and parents.
 These people are our customers too, we wanted to give them something back and to let them know that Capeview Mitre 10 Hardware stores care  about them too!''

 Mark Warren
 Managing Director
 Capeview Mitre 10 Hardware Stores.



Printing and Distribution


The printing and distribution is funded by local, corporate and government sponsors.


Choice of Sponsors


Sponsors are screened for suitability and the Sponsors are offered exposure on the inside of the brochures by presenting a vital daily child safety message. Sponsors are also offered the back page of the brochure to promote family friendly products & services.


This provides a win /win situation and makes it possible for the schools and parents to receive this vital child safety education information

free of charge.

The Do's and Don'ts Child Safety Campaign is distributed to all denominational junior schools and pre schools.

Before you decide see all our testimonials  here 


Our Children Are Our Most Precious Possessions Lets Keep Them Safe


If you see the benefits and feel like getting involved please call direct or use contact details below.


If you have a family friendly business  and would like to sponsor this website for a low fee please call me on the number below.


Thank you for taking the time to consider becoming a Child Safety Campaign Sponsor

Kind regards

Trevor Field
Campaign Director
The Child Safety Campaign of Australia. ( Est 1965 )

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