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"An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure"

Since the Seventies *We have almost halved the total of annual child fatality statistics.

The Child Safety Campaign of Australia was established in 1965 in conjunction with The (then) National Safety Council of Australia.


The Do's & Don't's School & Now Pre School Brochures are all about Being of Service to Our Most Vulnerable and Precious Citizens





Education Awareness via Repetition is the Key

WE Started Our Campaign in 1965.

Today there are many great organisations, specific government and non government agencies and entities like *Kidsafe *The Child Safety Commissioner, *Child Safety Queensland, *The Australian Institute of Health and Welfares Children's Unit and the Better Health Channel Victoria to name more than a few.
All these Child Safety and Child Welfare entities including our *Police forces in each state have one thing in common; that is the health and wellbeing of our most precious commodity our kids.

*The Child Safety Campaign of Australia, although big in name is a very small player compared to some the heavy weights mentioned.
However it is our endeavour to educate as many parents and kids as possible with our 24 simple but vital Do's and Don'ts child safety messages. If just one child avoids a serious injury, a kidnapping , a drowning or a road fatality then we and our sponsors have provided a wonderful free service to the community.
If you are a small business or a corporate entity we would love you to come on board and help us in our goal of providing every primary school child with a free copy of the Do's and Don'ts for Mum to read to them: daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly in the hope that by way of repetition with the help of especially the school teachers and principals involved we might just be responsible from averting a needless tragedy. The benefits to the sponsor from this altruistic gesture are covered on the page ''Sponsors''
Although statistics have fallen they are still way too high, the daily news round ups will confirm this. Everyday in Australia 5000 kids are involved in accidents. Of these 170 will be admitted to hospital and sadly, tragically, one child will die.
I believe with greater education and awareness, future statistical data will show a  decline regarding the current figures on childhood unintentional fatalities and hospitalisations. However this is only an assumption unless more action in this area is taken. The Do's and Don'ts are a good start, reminding us to be ever vigilant in the area of child safety.
Trevor R. Field.
Campaign Director
The Child Safety Campaign of Australia.
Mobile direct 0422305394.



We are looking for Sponsorship Agents.


Ideal for Stay at Home Mums with a home Office Set up.

If you have had a background in sponsorship /media sales or public relations please contact us.

Areas include all State Capitals and Rural and Country Australia ,wherever schools are located.

We can offer a rewarding self employment opportunity to assist us in providing the Do's and Don'ts to schools in your local area and surrounds

This is a work from home and local territory role , country people welcome.


Limited Opportunity to 2 Persons per State. Metro & Country distributions

For all enquiries please contact the Campaign Director - Trevor Field Mobile Direct on 0422305394

Email:  or use the contact form.



Last but not least this is why we do this...................


 For Our Kids!


If you have a family friendly business  and would like to sponsor this website for a low fee please call Campaign Director Trevor Field on 0422305394