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For Sponsors- Important Information

Office of Road Safety Archive TV Commercial

Hector the Cat sings the Do's and Dont's famous Kerb Drill

Major Sponsor Sample Brochure

    Do's and Don'ts

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The Awful Truth insert



Be part of something really worthwhile by assisting in Accident prevention and Danger awareness education in Primary schools throughout Australia and at home.


To enquire about sponsoring your local area or state please contact Trevor Field on 0422305394


Receive in return for your support, a Cost Effective Public Relations Campaign that offers Exclusive rights, a Repetition factor of a Minimum of x 14 brand /name exposure per home and most of all untold Goodwill whilst Reaching thousands of new customers in their homes by becoming a sponsor of the Do's and Don'ts.



 Pre School /Kindergarten issues for Parents

 The Name of Your business will appear underneath All 24 Messges


Primary school issues for Teachers, kids and Parents


 You will also receive exposure on the back page to promote your specific service to thousands of local families

From a business card size presentation up to a full page is available.  Exclusive right to your service means no competition

Sponsoring a daily safety message in the "Do's and Don'ts"not only offers great PR value for your company.

Protecting our children from serious injury or death by way of education using verbal repetition.


We believe that if just one child and their family can avoid serious injury a trip to hospital or even sadly a death; by learning about accident prevention in the Do's and Don't than we and our sponsors have done something very worthwhile indeed.






This example shows the space available for a Major Sponsor.

The Major Sponsor presents all 12 daily safety messages inside the brochure.

The Entire back page is available for the Major Sponsor to promote their service to each family receiving the brochure.


Click the brochure on the right to view 3 alternative sample layouts.

Distribution varies from 10,000 to 1,000,000.




Be part of something Great and receive Goodwill Exclusive Rights & Repetition of your Name & Service whilst having the opportunity to reach thousands of potential New Customers in the privacy of their own homes presenting something vital for their children's wellbeing.



Read what Our Sponsors Big and Small have to say here.


The figures for childhood unintentional fatalities have fallen by almost 50% statistically since the late seventies due to promoting child safety awareness in schools and in homes 

Archive Example from Former Queensland Police Minister Bill Glasson.



Local Sponsor Examples


Local business establishments, pharmacies and retailers as well as tradesmen can each sponsor one of the 12 daily child safety messages. These Sponsors not only present a vital daily safety message, but also receive a small business card size promotional PR ad on the back of the pamphlet. The fees are very affordable and help cover production, admin and distribution costs. The distribution for this campaign varies from 2500 to 10,000 copies.


The image to the left shows a blank template.

To see some examples from previous campaigns, click on the images below





Each Sponsor has their own Do or Don't presentation inside the brochures




Small business and local tradesmen can reach the ''decision maker'' directly in her home for a low fee that is more than competitive to any other form of local advertising.




Be part of something Great and receive Goodwill - Exclusive Rights & Repetition of your Name & Service.  Reach Thousands of potential New Customers 





To sponsor your local area or State please contact Trevor Field on 0422305394