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    Do's and Don'ts

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The Do's & Don't's


24 vital child safety messages that will save a child from harm and a parent from grief if leanrt.

Falls are the most common external cause of hospitalisation for injury among children; followed by pedal cycle accidents and accidental poisoning. Hospitalisations for accidental poisoning and burns and scalds are the most common among children aged 1-4 years. Children aged 5-9 have the highest hospitalisation rates for falls, while pedal cycle accidents are most common among children 10-14.
Our Children are our greatest assets and our primary source of joy, unfortunately they too are among the most vulnerable. Our aim is to educate pre school parents and primary school age children via awareness using repetition. Having teachers and parents read the 24 vital messages to them throughout the school year.

It is our endeavour that today's kids don't become tomorrows statistics.

2 Brochures with 24 Vital daily Messages that Will if Practiced Save a Child from Serious Injury.

On Teachers Instructions the Brochures are Delivered Home to Mum




New Vital Child Safety Messages for Parents of Pre School Children


The Companion brochure specifically for parents and kindergarten teachers.


Everyday in Australia 5000 kids are involved in accidents.

Of these 170 will be admitted to hospital and sadly


Road / traffic accidents and drowning are the greatest cause of child deaths.


Primary schools Do's & Don'ts for Teachers and Parents

2 programs with your choice of how many of the 24 messages to sponsor



The lesson begins at school in the classroom and then is repeated at home

We know that repetition and awareness are key factors in educating children about accident prevention.
you will reach and have exposure to thousands of very grateful parents in the privacy of their own homes. 
To sponsor your local area or State please contact Trevor Field on 0422305394 or via our email address at 

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