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How to Keep Children Safe Online

Complete Internet Safety Guide for Parents 2019

How to Keep Children Safe in The Home

How to Keep Children Safe in Public Spaces 


Ideal for Teachers Parents and older kids

Neighborhood Safety for Kids

For Accredited First Aid Courses & Workshops to preschoolers, students - new mums education staff.

The RACV offers Free road safety schools programs.

This site also has great information on child safety and playing safe. We have it listed at Number One as transport accidents are the greatest cause of fatalities of our kids.

 If you are associated with the well being of Australian children or have any healthy activities or products to enhance the wellbeing of our children we would be delighted to add your web site here. Please email us and we will add you after visiting.

Guide for parents ~ important cell phone safety guidelines for kids.

This just came in from Michelle Lannon in America. Michelle volunteers at her local library where they host weekend activities for school kids. A young lady by the name of Whitney who attends these activities found some great information (for our friends in the U.S) about Child Safety Seats; this link also has some wonderful universal child safety information; including making child safety fun! 

A big thank you to Whitney from The Child Safety Campaign crew : )

Check out Whitney's link for child safety seats in the USA & Making Child Safety Fun

RACV school programs


Better health Channel




Safety House Association Victoria with National and State sites information


For Parents and kids

In South Australia Kid Safe -

Check out their website below for tips and information for parents and teachers.




Additional links from Australia and Overseas.

A Parents Guide to First Aid

From Family Living Today 'The Parent’s Guide to Child Safety at Home'

Also from Family Living today is a custom, handy graphic for parents on the most dangerous rooms in every home, and how to make each safer: 

 Keep Your Family Safe: Learn First Aid

Valuable links for Parents from the US

 National Alliance of Safe Pest Control's guide on Pest Control Safety for Expectant Mothers


  Parents Home Page
    Locate a Neighborhood Pediatrician
 Ages & Stages
    Baby-Proofing Your Home - the Definitive Guide
    Keep Kids Safe from Preventable Injuries
    Kids' Guide to Home Safety
    Home Fire Prevention & Safety Tips
    Fire Safety and Prevention for Kids
    Parents Central: From Car Seats to Car Keys - Keeping Kids Safe
    Distracted Driving Prevention Toolkit - for Parents

    Strategies for Parent with Teenagers


    Teen Depression - A Guide for Parents

    Drug Prevention 4 Teens
    Addiction Prevention: 34 Essential Lesson Plans for Educators
    Alternative Treatments for Addiction
    ZocDoc Search for Mental Health Service Providers
    Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide

    A Substance Abuse Guide for Parents of teenagers

    Teens don’t have to try alcohol and other drugs. Parents can help them handle stressful situations and avoid peer pressure. Learning to say no to drugs starts with understanding their dangers, thinking about the friends you hang out with and finding healthy ways to enjoy life. For more information please view the site below.

    Australian Confederation of Paediatric and CHNs - WA
    Australian Indigenous Health InfoNet - WA
    Australian Institute for Health and Welfare (AIHW)
    Challenger Tafe - WA
    Child and Youth Health - SA
    Choice Magazine
    Constable Care - WA
    Dental Health Education Unit
    Department of Consumer and Employment Protection
    Department of Education and Training - WA
    Farmsafe - National
    Injury Control Council of Western Australia
    Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention
    Monash University Accident Research Centre
    National Injury Surveillance Unit (Flinders University)
    NSWInjury Risk Management Research Centre
    Playgroup Australia
    Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit – QLD
    Royal Life Saving Society of Australia
    Sids and Kids
    Sports Medicine Australia
    St John Ambulance
    Surf Lifesaving Australia
    TelethonInstitute for Child Health Research – WA

    Overseas Links
    AAP: Injury and Poison Prevention Section - USA
    Association of Play Industries - UK
    Child Accident Prevention Trust - UK
    Children's Safety Association of Canada
    Children's Safety Network - USA
    Department of Health - UK
    Injury Prevention Network of Aotearoa – NZ
    Injury Prevention Web – USA
    International Society for Child and
    Adolescent Injury Prevention (ISCAIP)
    National Center for Injury Prevention and Control – USA
    National Health Service (NHS) – UK
    Safe Kids – Worldwide
    Safe Kids – Canada
    Safe Kids – New Zealand (NZ)
    Safe Kids – USA
    UNICEF: The United Nations Children's Fund