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Newsletter From the Principal at Surfers Paradise State School Feb 2011

From the Principal’s Pen


Our Boys and Girls - Do’s and Don’ts


Each year the Child Safety Campaign of Australia publishes a safety pamphlet to remind us of the importance of Child Safety.

The accident rate, despite improving over the last few years, still remains high with hundreds of girls and boys hospitalised each year as a result of accidents.


Sadly as my own children were growing up I learnt firsthand the sadness and tragedy that can accompany a childhood accident. The pressure it places on you as a parent and the extended family cannot be underestimated. This pressure is enough reason to keep safety in our focus as teachers and parents with teaching girls and boys to be safe as a major tool to prevent accidents.


The leaflet sent home today with your newsletter is worth talking through with your children and perhaps pride of place on the refrigerator or notice board for a short period will be enough to prompt a serious reminder.


Road safety remains a serious priority, as does keeping safety with strangers. Using the internet now poses its own specific challenges, however all of the 12 points as mentioned, deserve our consideration.


I was impressed by this quote from Bill Glasson, a one time Minister of Lands and Forestry. I know Bill and flew with him as a young teacher in the west of Queensland. His is son is the well know Dr Bill Glasson now famous Ophthalmologist.


Bill said,

“Our children are the most precious things in the world and amongst the most vulnerable. Our whole community is alarmed at the frequency of drowning, poising, electrocution and abduction. I welcome this initiative by the Child Safety Campaign of Australia as a constructive contribution to keeping our children alive. Parents please encourage your children to read study and understand the daily messages of this valuable pamphlet.”


Things have improved since Bill issued this statement but its directness is a serious reminder as to the importance of child safety.


Let’s keep 2011 as safe as possible as we all journey together through another busy year.

Gary Ivory

Surfers Paradise State School
42 St Andrews Avenue, Isle of Capri, Australia 4217

Phone 5582 0333 : Fax  5582 0300 


New Do's & Don'ts featured in The Gold Coast Sun over 2 weeks:







  • Children less than six months to be secured in an approved, properly fastened and adjusted.        
  • Rear-facing child restraint, such as an infant capsule.

  • Children from six months to less than four years must be secured in an approved,
  • Properly fastened and adjusted approved,
  • Rear-facing child restraint or a forward-facing child restraint with an inbuilt harness.

  • Children aged from four years to less than seven years must wear an approved.
  • Properly fastened and adjusted.
  • Forward-facing child restraint with in-built harness or an approved
  • Booster seat which is properly positioned and fastened.





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