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    Do's and Don'ts

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The Awful Truth insert


Looking for feedback from others?

Below are some of the actual Testimonials from School Principals, Government Department Heads, Parents, Politicans and a variety of Companies that have supported us over the years.

See what other sponsors & supporters - big and small - have to say...

Coles are delighted to continue our sponsorship of the Child Safety Campaign

Robert B. Coles

Director G J Coles & Coy. Limited.



General Motors Holden has great pleasure in sponsoring The Child Safety Campaign We hope our support contributes to the success of this most worthwhile venture

R.J. Sexton

Manager, Community Relations General Motors Holden Limited.



We are pleased to Sponsor this project and offer our very best wishes for a successful campaign

H.C. Serre

Public Affairs Manager Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited



Bob reported that he was very happy with the PR value and Sponsorship rates for the tyre tube safety valve removal promotion. The goodwill generated more than covered the costs; Bob Jane T-Marts look forward to being a Major Sponsor Of The Child Safety Campaign again

Mark Brown

General Manager Bob Jane T-Marts.



Westfield Shoppingtown Indooroopilly are proud to support this local initiative, many of our customers are local families, who will benefit from the use of the Do's and Don't's schools program.

Best wishes from the team at Centre Management, Westfield Shoppingtown.




I followed the progress of Do's and Don'ts at my own children's school. I can report back to you that not only did my kids bring the pamphlets home, but we (the wife and I) Were required to read the daily messages to them as the teachers were following up with a lesson on them. The other bonus was that my business profited as a result! I look forward to Sponsor the Programme again.

Brian Whimp

Managing Director Whimps Tyre Service.



My company has sponsored the Do's and Don'ts safety brochures presented to schools throughout the metropolitan area by The Child safety Campaign of Australia. We found this programme to be very effective in the area of Company Image and Public Relations. Through our involvement we have received positive feedback which has been instrumental in gaining new clients. I recommend The Child Safety program to any business that is interested in presenting themselves as a concerned Company and of one that can diversify its lead sources

Lyn McCormack

State Manager Armatile Metalwork Tiling Company of Australia Limited.

Small business owners get results too!

Any messages that can help save the lives of our local kids I will support.

The bonus was that this local schools program also gave my business great public relations with the parents too!

N D. Wilson

Managing Director N.D. Wilson Real Estate.


The feedback we got from the local Mums was fantastic!

Bill Bardon

Bardon's Fruit Supply.


I received good comments from local parents who appreciated my involvement in sponsoring the electrocution warnings.

Harry Johnson

Harry the Sparkie.


 Parents Feedback 


"I am a Mother of two boy's at Cowes Primary School. I was very impressed with the way the Child Safety Program was presented to my 12yr old (grade 6). To give the safety messages some weight with this age group, their teacher read the statistics from the Awful Truths insert. This information alerted my son to the fact that so many Kids are still seriously hurt every day, through accidents etc. For his age group this made them sit up and take more interest in the safety messages and it also led to a class discussion on some of the personal experiences the kids had in relation to these.

The feedback from my 10yr olds teacher was that she had parents come to her after the brochure went home, who realized when they sat down to read the Child Safety messages with their children, that here were issues that they had never actually talked to their children about. The parents found this a really positive experience, of being able to talk openly with their children Using the Child Safety brochure as an entry point for the discussion."

Kelly Foster, Parent, Phillip Island



''When our family (of two young boys) received the Do's & Don'ts booklet from our children's school, I found it a great platform to help raise & prompt questions regarding safety, stranger danger and of their own wellbeing, whether they are at home or with their friends. ''Well done guys great booklet''

Rod Lyttle, Father of 2 Boys, Wonthaggi Victoria 


''Our children are the most precious things in the world and amongst the most vulnerable. Our whole community is alarmed at the frequency of drowning, poisoning, electrocution and abduction. I welcome this initiative by The Child Safety Campaign of Australia as a constructive contribution to keeping our children alive. Parents please encourage your children to read, study and understand the daily messages of this valuable pamphlet.''


Bill Glasson, Minister of Lands Forestry and Police QLD, 1984


''As discussed, I think the material is definitely worthwhile and it is very pleasing to see the information laid out in an easy to read format. All the best keep up the good work."

Cynthia Kym.

Head of The Children's And Families Unit at The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

(Also a Mum of a 6 year old too) June 2008


"Thank you for the opportunity of having space in the brochure to inform parents of our service. Love the way you have used our information as a border. Parentline supports your endeavours and wishes you well. Thanks!"

Bob Tammik, Parentline DEECD Department of Education & Early Childhood Development, December 2008


''Children are our future, anything to do with child safety awareness and accident prevention in my electorate I will not hesitate to support. As a parent and a grandparent I know how vulnerable kids are. I am proud to sponsor the Do's and Don'ts brochures each year I am in office. Keep up the great work.

Hon Ken Smith MLA Member for Bass

Speaker of the House of Legislature 2011

  Phone: 5672 4755  


''We received the Do's & Don'ts Child Safety Brochures at our school as promised on the 8/12/09

The brochures were distributed to our students with instructions to take them home for their Parents to read to them.

A class lesson was given prior to the brochures being given out.

Yvonne Clearly

Strathmerton Primary School 

Recent Feedback from local sponsors who are also Parents

''My kids brought the Do's and Don'ts home from school after they had been given a lesson in class we read them.
 Not only because we were requested to but because we wanted too.
 I was also a sponsor so it was good to know that my business name was seen locally as a presenter of one of these important safety messages ''

Trevor Pavert  P.I. Tyre Service.

Franchisee Feedback: 

''Each week we get heaps of requests for us to advertise from different magazines, sports clubs to even on beer coasters in pubs

 We decided to go with you because we liked the fact that your schools safety programs are community minded  for local kids and parents.
 These people are our customers too, we wanted to give them something back and to let them know that Capeview Mitre 10 Hardware stores care  about them too!''
 Mark Warren
 Managing Director

 Capeview Mitre 10 Hardware (6 Stores )



To sponsor your local area or State please contact Trevor Field on 0422305394